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Emmy Award Winner and three-time Best Actress nominee. 

DEADLINE.COM "Alexis Bledel has broken new ground ...evoking the ferocity of an unwoman scorned.

VANITY FAIR: "Why Alexis Bledel is "The Handmaid's Tale" Secret Weapon." 

LOGAN BROWNING: "THE PERFECTION" (Netflix) starring opposite Allison Williams. Premiere: May 29, 2019 -

LA TIMES: "Browning is a revelation in “The Perfection,” showing new, unexpected colors and facets of her range.”

NEW YORK TIMES: "The #MeToo Horror of "The Perfection. --Browning is a revelation as Lizzie, bringing a scary vulnerability to the role and deftly transforming it into strength."

ASHLEIGH CUMMINGS: "THE GOLDFINCH" (feature film) starring opposite Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman.  Pivotal role of PIPPA. FIRST TRAILER DROPS! 

Indiewire: "The Goldfinch...Big Oscar Contender..."

GEORGIA FLOOD: "AMERICAN PRINCESS" (Lifteime). Series lead. Premiere June 2, 2019.


Comedy/Drama. From the producers of "ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK."

The Hollywood Reporter: "...smarter, darker and emotionally richer than its high-concept fish-out-of-troubled-water conceit might indicate..."

Ethan 2_edited_edited.jpg

ETHAN PANIZZA: "PLAYING FOR KEEPS" role: (as first AFL player to come out as gay). AUSTRALIA.  Season 2 in production.

Daily Mail UK: '...what an experience to be that someone that can bring it to light, to bring a strength to it, bring masculinity to it and also the softer side to the role as well. There’s something really beautiful in that." 

ASHLEIGH CUMMINGS: "NOS4RA2" AMC. Series Lead (Vic) opposite Zachary Quinto. Series Premiere June 2, 2019.

The Hollywood Reporter: "Cummings delivers an intensity that the series can't generate any other way and she's easily the best part of NOS4A2."

MOJEAN ARIA - also, TOBY BLUME, JULIAN LAWRENCE: "DANGER CLOSE" feature film, premieres August 8, 2019. 

Lisa has worked with Heath Ledger Scholarship Winner, Mojean, in LA.  He was also a part of LRS' TEN MORE Showcase. She has coached Julain Lawrence in Australia and had Toby Blume as a working actor in her Sydney masterclasses.

Leo Nam . Felix.jpg

LEONARDO NAM: "WESTWORLD" (HBO) as Felix Lutz. Series Regular.

Nominated: SAG Best Ensemble. Multiple Series Emmy Nominations and Wins.

ANDREW STEEL: "WISH MAN" Dramatic Feature Lead /Title Role.  Premieres June 9, 2019 in theaters. 

The story of the founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Efren Pertual Grace -

EFREN RAMIREZ: "PERPETUAL GRACE, LTD" (EPIX) Season 1 premiere, Jun 2, 2019. 

Opposite: Sir Ben Kingsley, Jacki Weaver, Jimmi Simpson.

The Hollywood Reporter: "...very deep ensemble casts spilling out with talent... get some Emmy attention for any number of worthy actors"

JiHae S2.jpg

JIHAE: CURRENTLY:  "SUCCESSION" 2022  EMMY nomination: Best Drama Series.

2019"MARS" Season 1 and 2. Series Lead(s). (JiHae plays twins). Produced by Ron Howard/Brian Grazer, Imagine Ent and Radical Media. (NAT GEO).


Lisa - Production Acting Coach for JiHAE.



DIANNE DOAN: "WARRIOR" Series Regular (Cinemax). Season 1 premiered April, 2019. Picked up for Season 2.


The Hollywood Reporter: "...rival tong's second-in-command Mai Ling (Dianne Doan) unexpectedly powerful woman."  

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