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Premier Los Angeles acting coach Lisa Robertson teaches a masterclass for professional and emerging actors in emotion, emotional life for actors, emotion on demand for acting, building inner life and emotion for characters, roles and auditions.


Tools and insights the actors will gain from the Masterclass; 

  • Authentically connect to your emotion.

  • Understand your particular nervous system

  • Melt (so called) “blocks”

  • Learn Lisa’s tools and exercises she has developed at hand.

  • Craft a character's unique “inner-scaffolding”.

  • Intro to creating specific character physical life by understanding and accessing their emotional core.


All About Emotion. From Los Angeles, Lisa will use the tools and exercises she’s developed over her 20+ years of teaching – based on her “Dream Of Life” work – to free the actor by introducing a more organic and spontaneous process with emotion. 


“Lisa Robertson is a fully committed teacher with passion and insight”– Larry Moss


Designed specifically for online, this immersive 4-week Masterclass will run as a mixture of ‘on-your-feet’ preparation and session lecturing, using the processes and techniques that Lisa coaches for all roles and audition/Self-Tapes. 

This special online workshop will focus on Lisa’s

signature Emotional Core work which opens the actor to their authentic emotion for high-impact performance

in self-tape, in-person auditions and roles.

This exploratory emotional work includes:

- Learning your unique nervous system. 

- Building the inner life of a character (what Lisa calls the "inner scaffolding").

-Layering in “triggers” for "emotion-on-demand."

At all times will Lisa maintain a safe and inclusive space for actors.  Apply now



USA: Wednesday | Mar 13-Apr 3 | 4.30p-9.30pm PDT

AUS: Thursday | Mar 14-Apr 4 | 10.30am-3.30pm AEDT

COST: USD 895.00

Please note: Lisa does NOT require actors to share personal info or stories in class.  The actor maintains complete agency in all aspects of the work.  Lisa offers tools that authentically connect the actor so they can LEND themselves to their imaginative life and bring truth to the life of their characters. 

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