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Premier acting coach announces new dates for in-demand Self-Tape Masterclass for auditioning for film and televison in current day times.  This Masterclass has proven career-changing for many actors.

"Lisa's on camera intensive class shows you a way of approaching and conquering audition material. It's something, that as an actor, is invaluable." 

Actor, Leonardo Nam, "Westworld;" upcoming "The Descendents" sequel.




USA: Tuesday | June 18-July 16 | PDT 4.30pm-9.30pm
AUS: Wed | June 19-July 17 | AEST 9.30am-2.30pm

(4 weeks | *No Class PDT July 9)

: Monday | July 15-Aug 5 | 4.30pm-9.30pm
AUS: Tuesday | July 16-Aug 6 | 9.30am-2:30pm

(4 weeks)


Conducted personally by Lisa online from Los Angeles, this immersive, pro-level Masterclass covers all aspects of the premium self-tape:

-- The technical demand of premium self-tape that deeply moves the career dial for US and global market. Includes a cinematic frame, current taping trends, camera placement, reader, sound, edit, slate, and upload.

-- Understanding tonality and genre of US networks/ cable/streamers/features: what each production format specifically requires in 2023. 

-- The sheer demand of the acting! - Lisa's specific work with unleashing the actor’s talent in self-tape: their unique "gold."

--  The dynamic start (the first 10 seconds)

-- Emotional transition and arc of the scene structure.  The emotional "why".

-- "...the eyes lead the frame."

-- Emotion on demand.


-- Stillness and physical life (including action and to use props or not).

This course offers keys to a GREAT self-tape that moves the dial.

Lisa's Australian SELF-TAPE Masterclasses offered incredible outcomes.

Actors received: international test deals, their first 3-7 year contract roles, and a number were signed by US reps (and others, major Australian reps) from their Masterclass tapes.


12 x “Working actor” positions = 1350.00 (USD)
12 x "Participant "self-paced" positions = 885.00 (USD)
*Working position actors will have 3 contrasting tapes worked and ready to the highest standard by the end of the course.

Lisa spends hours casting each WORKING actor in three contrasting pieces. This is designed for professional actors, and emerging actors already auditioning - to meet their self-tape potential! And, also to break into a new range of roles, as they shore up their skill-set. The sides are for leads or major supporting across genres, with an eye to what is current in the Industry.

The tapes have proved invaluable for prior Masterclass actors, in both Working and Participant (self-paced) positions.


*Participant actor position actors will work in a "self-paced" way, and will also have three final tapes viewed by Lisa with written notes.  (do not underestimate how much you can educate and grow as a Participant actor in the course!  This is not your regular self-tape education).  
*Participant actors in previous groups also received their first US director sessions and Aus tests. Emerging talent booked their first supporting roles ever in premium Australian content soon upon completion).

1. Every week of the MasterClass will be placed on a password-protected VIMEO

If you cannot attend a session, you may "make-up" that session by viewing the ZOOM recording. 

2.  Should the actor need an additional week to submit assigned tapes due to illness or professional work, Lisa is happy to accept the tape a week (or as decided by Lisa) after due date for her personal review.  We do not wish anyone to "miss out" due to acting work or Covid/other illness.


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