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ANNABETH GISH | THE BRIDGE | Acting Coach, Lisa Robertson



As a private acting coach, Lisa Robertson has gained an international reputation for opening an actor to the hottest emotional and behavioral of choices - always grounded in the narrative arc of the character.  Whether in drama or comedy, Lisa coaches in support of the unique "gold" that each actor brings to a role.


A tonal understanding of the material - and, the unique demands of drama, dramedy, single or multi-camera comedy - is paramount to Lisa's work.  The "golden age" of writing in current TV and film, gives the actor an exciting opportunity to explore and grow with each audition - with each role booked.


Lisa not only coaches "the audition" - she sees each role she explores with an actor as a step toward their long-term goals.  As such, she often works closely with their representation.  


Coaching with Lisa does not "end at the door" - Lisa, as a coach, is considered part of the actor's "team."


Lisa coaches actors both privately and on-set.  




Photo: Annabeth Gish in her role as "Charlotte" in FX's "The Bridge."

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