LEONARDO NAM | Lisa Robertson Studio


NOW ONLINE! SAT 12.30-4.30pm


The goal of every class that Lisa teaches is to empower the actor imaginatively and creatively, with tools that will serve them career-long - to open up a new range in their work that they may bring their unique creative stamp to any role.


At LRS, we wish to train the “good director” in you! 


Group scene-study/technique class focuses on living truthfully in given circumstance through deep script analysis, as well as exploratory emotional and physical exercises.  We support the actor in taking imaginative flight - while always grounded in objective and intention!


As Lisa's daily work is in coaching film and television performance, relaxation, and specificity of emotional and behavioral life - are important facets of the training.


Scene-study at LRS is not simply about "staying warm" as an actor, it is about BREAKTHROUGH - the actor meeting their greatest creative potential.




Photo: Actor, Leonardo Nam (WESTWORLD) in LRS's "American Ten" showcase performance.

Previous Page: Actors, Michael Grant Terry  (BONES) & Marushka Mujic in LRS's "American Ten" showcase performance. 


Photo Credit: Robert Merrill.