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Frequently Asked Questions:


(If you can't find an answer to your question below, please message us on the CONTACT page!)


Can I audit a class?


Yes!  Message us on the CONTACT page to book your audit!


(You will be expected to stay for the full class time when you audit - plan accordingly!)  


How can I join class?


Please email us your headshot/resume and letter of inquiry.  (Many LRS actors come via industry or personal referral - if you have a referral, do let us know).  The class offers a very safe and creative environment - and its actors are very committed.  


 After receiving your request, Lisa will review your materials.  She may book a phone call with you.


If a place in the current class is available - and, you are offered and accept that place - your payment and starter materials will be due immediately - otherwise the space may be offered to another actor.


Does Lisa assign scenes?


Yes!  Lisa will assign a scene and partner.  We ask you sign in a monologue for your first class so Lisa can get a sense of your work.  


Once an actor is working in the class, they may absolutely choose a scene themselves and ask another class member to work with them.  Lisa, however, does keep suggesting material and scene partners as per the actor's requirement.


Can I work in class every week?


Yes! - if you sign up your work in advance.


Each week the class monitor sends out an email that they are accepting work sign-ins.  You can sign in your scene, monologue or original piece.  Lisa endeavors to work through the full list in each class.  In the event a scene or monologue has to be "pushed" to the following week - that piece of work is given priority next class.


I'm a beginning actor - is this class for me?

Classes at Lisa Robertson Studio are (at this stage) for the intermediate/advanced to professional actor.  But, we are adding classes all the time.  


Lisa at times does privately coach newer actors - you may message us and inquire.  (it never hurts to ask!  We're happy to answer all your inquires!)


Also!  Lisa is looking to add a TEEN CLASS.  If you're 14 -17 years of age contact us and we'll let you know its status!

*PLEASE NOTE: LISA ROBERTSON STUDIO offers no refund for Classes or Coaching committed to -   when starting Classes or Coaching you are provided LRS policies that we will adher to in every instance

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