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SINGING FOR ACTORS | With Danni De Andrea

In 2019, as film and television series continue to brand into music, and representatives are excited to have "cross-over" clients, actors are now often required to include 12 bars or a song in an audition/self-tape - Confidence is key


Pre-eminent Australian/US singing coach, Dannielle DeAndrea, understands that every person can sing.

If you're an actor and have ever said the words, 'I think I can sing' or 'I wish I could sing!' - this intensive is for you! - Danni.


Danni's exuberant teaching style, outstanding technical knowledge, that she makes so easy to apply, and her in-depth look at the storytelling and emotional arc of a song will change how each actor feels about singing as a part of their work as an actor.


As a singer, Danni is at the cutting-edge of music, with a breadth of musical knowledge: rock, pop, jazz, blues, R&B, soul, Americana, as well as Broadway.  She has performed with many of the world's leading artists, yet also has that special vocational core of a true teacher, one that finds the "gold" in her clients.




Danni is also available for private coaching. Contact us for her info.

Dannielle DeAndrea - in action.

Get to know, Danni!

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